Gruppo Frati

Made in Italy – available from stock.

Textured TFL (melamine), matching laminates and edgebanding. Create decorative surfaces with the look and feel of real wood and with the added advantage of long-term durability

The complete package in panel surfaces: Textured melamine (TFL) sheets on MDF, matching edgetape by Doellken and High Pressure Laminates (HPL) by Puricelli.

From the effect of wood par excellence to the rustic charm charm of a sawcut Frati sets the trend in the growing market of textured melamine (TFL). Over 20 colours and woodgrains in stock. Matching edgetape in 2 thicknesses.

Panel size 1860mm x 2820mm (73” x 111”). FSC® and CARB 2. This product is FSC® certified.

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Frati 01
Ebano Luanda (M)
Frati 02
Rovere Tasso (PA)
Frati 03
Rovere Love (M)
Frati 04
Musa 1 (GP)
Frati 05
Zebrano Dem (M)
Frati 06
Olivo Alicante (M)
Frati 07
Noce Doppelt 1 (M)
Frati 08
Molveno 7 (GP)
Frati 09
Noce Caravaggio (M)
Frati 10
Frassino Moire 1 (GP)
Frati 11
Square 5 (GP)
Frati 12
Grigio Pallido (W)
Frati 13
Nero (W)
Frati 14
Pino Gioco (GP)
Frati 15
Noce Paros (PA)
Frati 16
Cottage 1 (F)
Frati 17
Olmo Ambience (M)
Frati 18
Carpino (M)
Frati 19
Frassino Step (M)
Frati 20
Adamello 1 (O)
Frati 21
Adamello 2 (O)
Frati 22
Larice Lysis (O)
Frati 23
Kiri (GP)
Frati 24
Koala (Z)
Frati 25
Samui 1 (Z)
Frati 26
Bodrum (Z)
Frati 27
Samui 3 (Z)
Frati 28
Samui 2 (M)
Frati 29
Darwin (M)


Technical Data

Finish Legend:
(M) - Medusa
(PA) - Poro Arioso
(GP) - Grafiata Planare
(W) - Woody
(O) - Otella
(Z) - Zara
(F) - Flash